Kasama in the Filipino language means partner/associate/colleague.

We are passionate about helping small businesses and small non-profits make a big impact by doing it together. We are also very passionate about helping empower female entrepreneurs both locally and in developing countries.

Kasama has committed to dedicating a portion of its profits towards providing micro loans that supports female entrepreneurs in the developing world through an organization called Opportunity International Canada.


Andrew MacDonald

Andrew is passionate about doing his part to make the world a better place.

The past twelve years he has worked in marketing departments for international development organizations. The first half of that time was learning from the largest charity in Canada, World Vision, where he was a part of $25M annual direct mail campaigns, oversaw their outbound telemarketing program and spearheaded their donor retention efforts.

The most recent half of his career has been spent as the Director of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives at Opportunity International Canada. Being a much smaller charity, it has allowed Andrew the ability to be innovative and entrepreneurial, setting up an internal creative agency to support staff across Canada with a wide variety of marketing needs.

He loves to connect with people and connect people together to make great things happen.


Katrina MacDonald

Katrina worked in administrative services for over ten years both in the private and non-profit sectors before launching into entrepreneurship.

She was based in the Financial District in the Toronto’s Downtown Core, working for the commercial property management firm EmTwo Properties Inc.

Katrina was also a blogger and a running coach, which is where she found she was passionate in helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

She loves chatting over a cup of really good coffee or a really good glass of wine.

Most recently, Katrina was featured on Hello Boss Girl as the Online Community Manager. Hello Boss Girl is a social enterprise empowering female entrepreneurs in the Bay of Quinte region.